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Consumers are central to the offering. Our primary aim is to empower informed purchasing decisions through data. So, as well as an extensive range of products across personal loan, short term loan, credit card and current account verticals; Choose Wisely ProTools provides encyclopaedic product data, customer reviews and OPTIOSCOREs for each featured provider. Regulatory compliance ships as standard with product data regularly audited by independent industry experts.


Choose Wisely ProTools are hosted in a highly-available, load-balanced, AWS EC2 environment that delivers greater than 99.99% uptime. ProTools is easy to implement and can be consumed by a variety of methods, including redirect, XML and JSON. Management and configuration of Choose Wisely ProTools software instances is done through the ProTools Portal.


Choose Wisely ProTools are available completely free of charge with the business model working on a commission-split basis. In addition to offering campaign and source tracking capabilities, the ProTools Portal also provides realtime analytics to enable you to continually monitor key metrics and ensure optimal performance.

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